Impromptu VW Bug Photoshoot

My grandpa has always had a thing for cars. He's has a lot of really awesome cars in his life; a lot of which we get really attached to only to see him sell it in less than a year. He goes through about a car every one to two years.

My family and I were up at my grandparents' house over my brother and sister's winter break and we were outside seeing his VW Beatle (forgive me for not remembering the year) and my grandpa asked me to take some pictures of his bug while we were out there. It need up being a great time and I'm sure I'll cherish these pictures of him and my other family members as long as I'm alive.

These pictures were taken with my fairly-recelty acquired Rolleiflex 6003 SRC 1000 and I couldn't be more impressed with the results. This camera is a Rollei SLR with built in metering and it was spot on the whole time even with the crazy sun of golden hour. The Rollei Planar 80mm lens was tack-sharp as well.

Suggested Song: Syd Arthur - Ode To Summer