Why Avondale?

(Originally published on April 20th, 2015)

Avondale: a place where basically no one lives and frankly, no one wants to. But for whatever reason it's one of my favorite places to go take pictures. There's just something beautiful about standing in the middle of a field in almost complete silence. And plus if you go this time of year on the weekend, the usually have driving classes at Phoenix International Raceway and you can wander around PIR with basically no supervision... But it's not like I would do that.

Photo-geek stuff:

Taken with a Hasselblad 500C/M and a mix of Kodak Tri-X and Fuji Acros. For some of the roll of Acros I wanted a really shallow depth of field in bright light (And the Hasselblad only goes to 1/500th of a second) so I ended up using a 3-stop neutral density filter and set my meter to ISO 25 and it actually turned out. I tried scanning this roll myself with my Epson V500 that has given me nothing but trouble in the past. I ended up making a 120 scanning rig with velcro and a pane of glass from a picture frame and it worked well enough.