Behind the Wheel

When I was young, my dad used to own a beautiful red '65 Mustang Fastback.  I loved that car. My most vivid memory of that car, interestingly enough, was me laying in the back seat at 4 am on the way to the hospital to get my tonsils removed.  It was a great car and we always wanted to take it to the car show held at the Scottsdale Pavilions every saturday.  We just called it the "Mustang Show" because we always went there to see the other Mustangs.  Ironically, we sold it to a guy we met there for hardly any money because the brakes went out on my dad on a two lane road and he had to go against traffic until it slowed down on it's own.  I feel like that's a fair enough reason to let it go but it is still very sad.  

One of my favorite views of classic cars are their steering wheels and dashboards.  I decided to do a little series of cars and their front seats while I was at the show tonight.  It might continue beyond today but we will just have to see.  I feel like so much craftsmanship went into every part of these classic cars and one of the most neglected aspects when taking pictures of cars (aside from the underside) is the dash board.  I just wanted to highlight how beautiful and give everyone a chance to see what it feels like to go behind the wheel of a classic car.

Suggested Song: "Blink-182 - Give Me One Good Reason (Explicit)"

All these pictures were taken with my Fuji X-Pro1 and Fujinon 35mm f1.4 R