Down on the Corner

I was out on the street this morning before a job interview.  I wanted to do something to clear my mind, so I decided to wander around Mill Ave. in Tempe around ASU.  I think college towns lend themselves to some interesting picture opportunities.  I don't think that needs more explaining.  Needless to say, I saw plenty of interesting people and was able to snag a few pictures.  This was basically my first go at street photography.  I had always been fascinated by it but I was always too afraid to take pictures of random people.  I feel like street photography shows so much about both the people in the picture as well as the person taking it.  In my opinion, I feel it shows way more about a person and their life compared to posed portraiture.  Both types of photography definitely have their place in the world but I tend to gravitate towards candid photography.

After a while of street photography, I want on a little exploring and found this strange Tempe Government building that was the shape of an upside-down pyramid.  It was very cool and if I had a wider angle lens I would have tried to take a lot more pictures of it.  I mainly took pictures of strange things around the office complex but it was still a really cool place.  Maybe if I get an 18mm (27mm APSC equivalent) for my X-Pro 1 I'll head back there.

Suggested Song: Editors - An End Has A Start

All these photos were taken with my Fuji X-Pro1 and Fujinon 35mm f1.4 R.