The Fuji X-Pro1 (First Thoughts)

I received my Fuji X-Pro1 in the mail today.  I needed a good digital camera for more practical stuff when film couldn't always be used.  It's also way more practical and it's been straining on the wallet paying to use all my film cameras and I got the Fuji for a killer deal.  Before we really start I want to say that this is not the place you want to be if you are concerned about stock image quality of the X-Pro1.  The photos here have been processed with VSCO Film to fit with the style of the rest of my photos.  That being said, I absolutely love the X-Pro1.  It is such a pure-feeling camera to use.  I wanted a camera that could just get out of the way and let me capture the moment and the X-Pro1 does exactly that. There's a lot of reviews of when the camera first came out about the hit and miss autofocus system but I can assure you that all of those problems have been fixed in the firmware updates.  I am using this camera with the Fuji XF 35mm 1.4 R which ends up being a 53mm on the crop sensor.  The XF glass is top notch and you will not be disappointed in the optics that comes with the system even at the price point.  It also has such an ingenious sensor.  For those of you who don't know about the X-Trans sensor in the X-Pro1, I'll explain it in basic terms.

Just thought I would put it in a separate page in case you couldn't care less.

Funny thing. this first image in this gallery was not a photo shoot. It was actually a candid photo of Joey being crazy and it happened to turn out pretty well.

I almost went with the Fuji X-E1 with the only electronic viewfinder but I could not be more happy that I went with the Pro1.  I basically only use the optical viewfinder.  I don't find it to be a problem at all not seeing exactly what the lens is seeing because the parallax correction in the OFV.  If you are familiar with rangefinders at all I think you will be right at home with this camera.  I hear a lot of people say that the X-Pro1 is not a rangefinder but I think I would have to disagree.  Do you remember the Contax G1 or G2?  Those were autofocus "rangefinders" with an adjusting viewfinder and no actual rangefinder patch.  The X-Pro1 is almost identical in function to the Contax so if that's a rangefinder than this one is too.  One of the reasons I fell in love with this camera is because of the manual dials like the old film cameras I'm so used to.  I could never stand the mode dials that replaced all the actual settings dials of film cameras.

I have a feeling that it won't be too long before the X-Pro2 will be announced.  But in my opinion there has never been a better time to by the X-Pro1.  When it first came out, the camera cost a whopping $1700 for the body only.  But now you can get the camera new for $900 which is a huge price drop.  I even got mine for $650 used with only 1,300 total shutter actuations.  So if you weren't sure about getting the X-Pro1 or you were just waiting for the price to come down I would totally say it's worth the plunge right now to go out and buy it.  I'm sure the price is only going to go down in the future but it's still a killer deal right now due to the fact that it still uses basically the same sensor as the rest of the Fuji line.

Well anyway that's my first thoughts on the Fuji X-Pro1 and I hope you found this very brief opinion to be helpful. 

Suggested Song: No Doubt - Spiderwebs 

All these pictures were taken with my Fuji X-Pro1 and Fujinon 35mm 1.4 R