Camp High

Now I don't want the title to be deceiving.  What I mean by "camp high" is the great feeling you usually get when you spend a week up at camp.  Although, some people may not have the time of their life spending the week living in the woods with a bunch of junior highers... But it's what I live for.  Junior highers are my favorite age group to work with.  They have such a love of life and everything around them and it's really an amazing time being with them.  So just to make things clear, I'm not still in junior high.  I'm just one of the leaders at my church.  More on that after some more pictures.

With these pictures, I wanted to bring out the warmth of summer and friends.  I went with cheap Fuji Superia and Kodak Gold with my $20 Olympus XA 2 because I didn't want the pictures to look surgical and precise exactly.  I wanted it to show some imperfections and human aspects.  This was especially easy with a camera with no manual controls other than zone focusing with close, medium, and far settings.  

So while I was at camp, I was getting really close with all my junior highers and just loving life up at camp.  One day my friend who was on staff there talked to me about working there and actually hooked me up to talk to the sound guy and one of the head guys who works there. When all that said was said and done, I decided I'm going to try and work there next summer.  Next summer is a long ways away so I'm thinking about emailing the guys who work there and see if I can work there until then, even if it's for free.  So we will see how that goes.  I'll update you guys if anything happens and I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of pictures of beautiful Prescott, Arizona if I do get the job up there. 

Suggested Song: Tokyo Police Club - Hot Tonight

All these photos were taken on my Olympus XA 2 with cheap film :)