Avondale Treasures

So my best friend Brandon and I decided last Sunday that we were just going to drive one direction and see where we end up. We went west and ended up in Avondale, a place where the majority of people in Arizona probably haven't heard of and most definitely wouldn't think of to go on a road trip to. Which is all the more reason we wanted to go there. For the majority of you who are unfamiliar with Avondale, Arizona... it is kind of what I like to think of what the mid-west is like except in Arizona. Lots of random houses with big properties with random stuff all over their yards and tractors and hay bails and wild life and so on. So you get the picture.

The river where we found the group of stuck people... read on.

The river where we found the group of stuck people... read on.

Our adventure started out when we were on a random barely-paved road in Brandon's Jeep Liberty (Not the most off-road able Jeep out there) and we stopped to take pictures at this river. After we had been there a couple of minutes we noticed there was this group of people with two trucks over on the other side of the road. One of the guys over there approached us and asked us if we had a rope. It was then that we realized that one of the trucks was stuck pretty badly in a sand pit. We had no rope and surely couldn't help them with our car so we decided to look around the area for something to help them out.

About 100 feet away from where we were parked we found some old concrete foundation from an old house or something, and it ended up being exactly what we needed. So us and the other guys from the group carried the concrete across the road to the stuck truck and we were able to wedge some of the concrete under the back tires buried in the sand. Together, all ten of us or so were able to physically lift the truck out of the sand pit and on to harder ground. Even though the tires had no tread on them after... but none-the-less we were able to free the truck! That was promptly followed by celebration and beers and water for everyone. The reason I bothered retelling all this is just because of how cool it was that a bunch of random people who never met each other banned together to help a brother out. I later found out that the second truck wasn't even with the people who were stuck. They were just a couple of other good Samaritans who stopped to help someone in need.

After that Brandon and I went on with our day and explored the very interesting neighborhoods taking pictures of things I never thought you could find in Arizona. Very cool experience. 

Suggested Song: Foals - Out of the Woods

All these photos were taken with a Mamiya 645 and Mamiya Sekor 80mm 2.8