An unfiltered look at how I shoot.

I was recently inspired to show everyone a complete roll of film I shot with no editing, straightening or exposure correction. I wanted to give a raw outlook on what my entire roll of film looks, even the shots that are not my favorite. 

These shots were taken at Phoenix International Raceway at a special civilian racing day back in April and were finally scanned on my new to me Kodak Pakon f135 Plus, which I will hopefully have a review of soon. I only got 33 shots on this roll of Portra 160 because I had issues getting it loaded just so you know I didn't take any out.  

The photos are in order of how I shot them and will be followed by a digital contact sheet I made up for the scans.

These Images were taken with an Olympus OM10 and Zuiko 50mm f1.8 and Kodak Portra 160 film and scanned by a Kodak Pakon f135 Plus