Weekly Update 1 (Maybe)

Just a warning, I'm not sure if I'll be able to continue these weekly updates, but I'll usually take random bursts of photos throughout the week that don't fall under a certain topic that I think would be blog-postable. So here's a few photos I shot this week.

Phoenix Trotting Park

If you've driven down the I-10 in Arizona, you've probably seen the Phoenix Trotting Park. Apparently opened in the mid-sixties, and promptly closed in 1966 and been abandoned ever since. I've heard it hasn't been torn down because they would need to dome the whole thing to contain the asbestos. So, I mean, that's fun. 

This was actually my second time here. I went here originally in 2011 when I was first starting photography, so it was interesting to see how I framed shots the second time.

Taken with a Sony A7sii and Carl Zeiss 28mm f2.8 G

Gila River Memorial Airport

Taken out at an abandoned airport in Chandler, Arizona. Quite a weird place that's apparently been abandoned since the 90's. 

Taken with a Leica M6 and Portra 400 rated at 200 and metered for the shadows.

Black Canyon City Greyhound Track

Alright, so these pictures are a bit darker than my usual. This greyhound track was made in the 60's and abandoned in the 80's. It's incredibly easy to get in here and there is a virtual lack of "No Trespassing" signs. Tons of creepy graffiti, old paper work, and an abandoned house next door where the blood and christmas tree shot was taken in. I want to comfort you all that it was paint, but still. Pretty nasty looking.

More M6 in Prescott.

Yes, I went to Prescott again and got a chance to take more pictures. Thanks for looking!

Taken with my Leica M6, Carl Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2.8 ZM, and Ilford HP5 400 film.